Over the last few weeks, the world has completely changed… we no longer shake hands, hug or kiss each other’s cheeks in greeting or at departure.   Instead many people around the world are adopting a time-honored Indian tradition, that of Namaskar, which is the act of bringing your two hands together, palms touching, fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the body and over the center of your chest, near your heart chakra. The act is synonymous with word Namaste, which many people identify with the practice of Yoga. I love the term Namaste!  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Namaste as from …

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March 2020 – Updates

Many of you have asked what my plans are now considering the current situation… as always, I am adapting. Here are some updates on my trip to India, new retreat offerings and classes. Maine Retreats:I am instead, looking at running small 2-3 day workshop retreats based here in Maine. I am currently looking at venues all around the state: mountain side yurts, lake-front camps and oceanside hotels. In an ideal world, we will be positioned to hold two or three events this year, with the first taking place in July, with the remaining in Late August/Early September or mid-October. (These …

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Meditation – Myths & Misconceptions

Meditation has become more popular recently as more research is conducted and more people discover the benefits of it. There are so many myths and misconceptions about meditation in the world today, so I thought I would take a moment and address some of ones that I have been asked most about: Misconception #1: Meditation Is All About Weird Positions, Chanting and Smelly Stuff This is the one that I hear most of all, in various forms. I have heard “I’m not flexible enough to meditate”, “I don’t do that weird OM thing”, “I’m allergic to patchouli”, “I can’t focus”. …

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